Sisterhood Diary - Cycle One

Written by: Nadine Spitzley
Stormy times through which we sail. For many of us, the changes brought about by the virus have ripped the ground away from under our feet. Others were lucky enough to have only minor restrictions. However our very personal story is interwoven with external circumstances, our perspective has changed.
Is it just me? Or do you also feel a collective spirit of optimism?
There is something in the air, a new openness to alternatives:
Alternative life concepts, relationship structures, working methods, teaching methods, welcoming rituals, forms of encounter ...
In many places we are invited to question our own automatisms. Kisses as a greeting - does that really fit in every moment? Is body contact something that I generally want to breathe more awareness into?
How responsibly do I treat myself, my body and my resources?
Am I in contact with myself? Do I feel how I am? Or do I need external translators and utilities for this?
Mindfulness takes on a new meaning.
has a lot to do with deceleration and awareness.
In my experience, mindfulness is one of the female keys to intensifying contact with ourselves.
Our world may persuade us that we have to do more, be more,
higher, faster, further! But the feminine way is different.
Y O U R   M Y S T E R Y  I S  C A L L I N G  Y O U
inward, into your body,
to your feelings, to your intuition,
to your creativity, to your sensuality,
to your feminine wisdom.
Mindful, at your own pace.
There is so much gold, so much energy, so much joy slumbering in every woman. I wish you and me that we will release this unused, feminine potential together and let it flow through us into the new world.
It's time.
YOU sister, you are the role model for the new femininity.