Core Values

We believe a business is only as good as the principles and people that operate it. Our Core Values are a reflection of who we are, what we believe in and the principles that keep us on the straight and narrow. These are the values that guide and inspire us as we do our best to help you find what you’re looking for.

Mindful & Balanced 
We foster a mindful, balanced perspective in all we do. We foster an environment of wellness, gratitude and awareness. We are deliberate and thoughtful about the way we buy, eat, travel and work and how those actions affect the world in which we live.  

Conscious Consumption 
We believe in responsible consumerism that is in tune with the environment and the human hands that make possible the goods and services we love. We uphold a purposeful “quality over quantity” mindset of balanced, conscious consumerism that will contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable humanity. 

Global Perspective 
Our perspective is informed, open minded, curious, malleable and inclusive. There is no cultural divide in our hearts or in our daily practices. In order to effectively and productively contribute to a more peaceful society, we constantly invest in our collective, global perspective. 

Safe Community 
We are growing a community of collaboration where ideas and fears are shared freely with honesty, humility and integrity. We foster a safe and empowering environment for personal growth and a more connected society. 

Found Standards

Found partners with brands and artisans that operate in harmony with humanity and the planet we call home. Each of them operates within one or more of the following standards. 

Fostering Equality & Inclusion  

Bolstering Artistry & Craftsmanship   

Positively Impacting Your Local Economy 

Employing a Benevolent Business Infrastructure 

Practicing Ecological Responsibility  

Protecting Animal Welfare